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Android Studio: How to View the UID of any application ?

+2 votes

I want to know the UID(System UID or User UID) of the application running in my Emulator. How can I see that information in DDMS ?

posted Jan 8, 2015 by Abhay

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In android generally when an app is installed, the PackageInstallerActivity and PackageManagerService make sure to assign the supplementary gid's to the app. This determines the level of access when an app is invoked everytime.

I just wanted to confirm if any verification process takes place in the runtime from packagemanager or any other service for that matter.

The app is granted the corresponding access from the gid's that should get it running technically and Packagemanager will only come into picture incase of updating the app.

Is my understanding correct?

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Is there any option to set the limit on the number of RemoteViews widgets that user can put in the Homescreen.