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Can I validate numbers range, using autoNumeric() in jQuery?

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I am trying to control input field using jQuery previously I had only numbers and could use $(this).autoNumeric(), now I have come around where it is required to change the input field in form of 'Numbers dash Numbers'.
i.e:- 1.343-45.643

Is there anything similar to autoNumeric which can do my work apart from writing my own regex and jquery method.

posted Dec 26, 2014 by Atiqur Rahman

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Before commenting anything, let me understand the question fully.

1. This question is about the jQuery validation if input integer is within given range or not.
2. Second part of the question is not clear to me, would you like to describe more...
Sir, Second part mean, to achieve this work(first part) we can write a jquery method where using regular expression we can validate input fromat( 1.423-6.253). It has flaws like it allows to enter any character and then validate, which i don't want. I just want that input box only allows numbers and dash.
   If it were only numbers(1.424) then we could validate using autoNumeric() function without above described flaws.

1 Answer

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Hi,I think Jquery don't have built method for that.Better you go for your own regex.I hope this /^[0-9.-]+$/ regex will help you.

answer Dec 29, 2014 by Pankaj Deshmukh
As i said this has flaws like it allows all the characters to get entered into InputBox then validate. Here I just want that it should allows only numbers and dash to get entered into InputBox. Any leads on this will be appreciated.
/^[0-9.-]+$/ This regex will help you right.This will allow only numbers,dash and dot.
Use to following link get the regex for the range (you can enable verbose) to know step by step. Though its not taking the flowing point but building that over it should not be difficult.
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