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In informatica, my mapping took long time to fetch rows but reads within a minute

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In my mapping it tooks long time to fetch rows to the target table but it reads those rows from .CSV file within a minute.In this mapping One source is a flat file another source is a table which is having data from target.Here we create a logic to UPDATE or DELETE or INSERT in target based on comparison on the data from flat file and the source table(data from target table).while seeing sesion log it reads data from flat file within a minute but it fetches those data to the target to taget 9 rows/sec throu enter image description hereghput.Here the target table is created using unix script ie CREATE TABLE STG_LM_INSTITUTION as (SELECT * FROM LM_INSTITUTION);Target in this mapping is STG_LM_INSTITION.this is the copy of final target(LM_INSTITUTION).I think the problem is due to creation of the taget table in script but i'm not sure.Anyone please help me to solve this issue.Source flat file has 2L rows. I run this mapping with 2L rows.After 11hrs it fetches only 1L records into the target.But while running using 500rws only it fetches records in one minute to the target .

posted Dec 23, 2014 by Amit Sharma

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1 Answer

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SQL_LM_INST_SEQ retrieves PK values from an Oracle sequence and that's costly, because for every inserted row a roundtrip to the database is necessary to get a new ID.

Use a Sequence Generator transformation instead - Integration Service will generate IDs on its own.

answer Dec 29, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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•ColCC : string

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I want to develop a mapping that ETLs these three files into this one database, but because the column names are different, it looks like I'll have to develop three different mappings, or three different sources, or three different somethings. The problem is that my example is contrived: I actually have many different files that all have different formats and column names, but the data is all very similar.

I would like to develop a single mapping or workflow that can handle all of this by only adding a table that holds the column mappings. Such a table would look like this based on the sample files and sample table above:

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What would a mapping or workflow look like that could take advantage of something like this? I assume there'd be a flat file source that takes files from a folder. There would be something in the middle that uses this TableMappings table to map column names. Finally there would be a relational data object that represents my destination database table "TableDestination". I don't know how to put this together though.

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