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How does Re-direct Agent work ?

+1 vote
How does Re-direct Agent work ?
posted Dec 19, 2014 by Vikram Singh

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When a Diameter Agent forwards a request to the next-hop, it adds Route-Record AVP to the message before forwarding. And it also stores the request and later uses those the stored request to forward back the answer to originator of the request.
I want to know what a Diameter agent does with the stored request if it reboots ?

+2 votes

Please find the description of the problem:
A diameter client and server communicates in the network through Proxy Agent.
Here, I have assumed PCEF is a diameter client and PCRF is a diameter server. Interface between the PCEF and the PCRF is known as Gx.

Does Proxy agent, which sits between PCEF and PCRF, need to support Gx application ?
Does Proxy agent validate presence of any mandatory or optional AVP when it receives a message from a diamter client (PCEF) before forwarding it to diameter server (PCRF) ?

Can someone please provides the detailed behavior of a proxy agent ?