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When should we use multiple inheritance in C++?

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When should we use multiple inheritance in C++?
posted Dec 16, 2014 by Anwar

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1 Answer

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There are three acceptable answers:-

"Never,""Rarely," and "When the problem domain cannot be accurately modeled any other way."
Consider an Asset class, Building class, Vehicle class, and CompanyCar class.

All company cars are vehicles. Some company cars are assets because the organizations own them. Others might be leased. Not all assets are vehicles. Money accounts are assets. Real estate holdings are assets. Some real estate holdings are buildings. Not all buildings are assets. Ad infinitum. When you diagram these relationships, it becomes apparent that multiple inheritance is a likely and intuitive way to model this common problem domain. The applicant should understand, however, that multiple inheritance, like a chainsaw, is a useful tool that has its perils, needs respect, and is best avoided except when nothing else will do.

answer Dec 17, 2014 by Mohammed Hussain