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How does bluetooth devices work for data transfer ?

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How does bluetooth devices work for data transfer ?
posted Dec 12, 2014 by Vikram Singh

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Plz refer the article for Working Of Bluetooth Technology

1 Answer

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When two devices are equipped with Bluetooth, usually one of them will to be set to be discoverable, meaning it’ll show up in a list of Bluetooth devices in the area on your phone or other controlling device. Using our example, the wireless speaker would be discoverable, and it will end up being controlled by a Bluetooth-equipped phone or remote. The speaker, or any Bluetooth accessory, sends out a signal with a little bit of information to alert other nearby devices of its presence and capabilities. You tell your phone to connect, and the two devices form a personal area network, or piconet.

answer Dec 27, 2014 by Devyani
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