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How to send a driver to driver interrupt ?

+2 votes

one driver to another driver's ioctl needs to be called

posted Jul 13, 2013 by Pankaj Agarwal

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Can you elaborate on your problem or put more details on this.

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I am maintaining a program in Python 2 and need to send it a Keyboard Interrupt to close it. Unfortunately, the program is used as a subprocess in a wrapper subprocess, and so I cannot just directly press CTL-C; I have to use a signal.
When I run the program "bare" (not in a subprocess), I have found that raising a SIGINT (kill -2) raises a Keyboard Interrupt in the program. But when I run the program in the wrapper process, kill -2 no longer has any effect (whether it is raised by the wrapper or externally).
Why is that the case? Does Pythons interpretation of SIGINT as a Keyboard Interrupt only obtain when the program is run in a terminal? Is there something else Im missing?

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I am trying to figuring out how to use $sample through the driver.
I know that there is the functionality, I just failed to comprehend how to use it...