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Which are the Physical signals sent in DCI?

+3 votes
Which are the Physical signals sent in DCI?
posted Dec 8, 2014 by Sridharan P

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1 Answer

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Not sure about the query, let me try my best -

DCI carries the following information :

  1. UL resource allocation (persistent and non-persistent)
  2. Descriptions about DL data transmitted to the UE.

L1 signaling is done by DCI and Up to 8 DCIs can be configured in the PDCCH. These DCIs can have 6 formats : 1 format for UL scheduling, 2 formats for Non-MIMO DL scheduling, 1 format for MIMO DL Scheduling and 2 formats for UL power control.

DCI Format            Usage 
Format 0    UL Grant. Resource Allocation for UL Data 
Format 1    DL Assignment for SISO        
Format 1A   DL Assignment for SISO (compact)  
Format 1B   DL Assignment for MIMO with Rank 1 
Format 1C   DL Assignment for SISO (minimum size)  
Format 1D   DL Assignment for Multi User MIMO  
Format 2    DL Assignment for Closed Loop MIMO 
Format 2A   DL Assignment for Open Loop MIMO    
Format 2B   DL Assignment for TM8 (Dual Layer Beamforming) 
Format 2C   DL Assignment for TM9    
Format 3    TPC Commands for PUCCH and PUSCH with 2 bit power adjustment    
Format 3A   TPC Commands for PUCCH and PUSCH with 1 bit power adjustment    
Format 4    UL Assignment for UL MIMO (up to 4 layers)  
answer Dec 8, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
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