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How out of memory issue can be solved in Linux

+2 votes
How out of memory issue can be solved in Linux
posted Dec 3, 2014 by anonymous

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You are given two processes and each process is having four threads. One of the thread is having performance issue. How will you find out that thread which is having problem.

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I have a setup where eth0 and eth1 interfaces are in same broadcast domain.

But i have a virtual IP configured on eth1 and a physical ip on eth0.
It is observed that if eth0 is default route then eth0 will respond to arp request for the IP configured on eth1.

This would cause an issue since traffic will be routed via eth0.

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Lets assume I have a system with RAM of 1GB. and virtual memory is 500MB. That brings to 1.5GB i.e. 1500 MBytes.

I have read somewhere that when I process is created stack of 8MB is associated to that process. So, assuming that any of the process is not allocating any dynamic memory or anything, then does it mean that, Maximum number of process that i can create is 1500/8 and i.e. 187 Process.

Please clarify my understanding,

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