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F19 nouveau corrupted graphics

0 votes

I am currently running F17. As it is nearing end of life, I am anxious to upgrade. Around kernel 3.7, I started to experience very heavy graphics slowdown and corruption. I reported a bug around the time I experienced it . Because F17 has a version of the 3.6 kernel, I can continue using the desktop without interruption.

In preparations for upgrading I tested out F19 Beta, Alpha, and final live CD. All versions show the same bug, creating an unusable desktop.

At this point I am stuck between F19 which has corrupted graphics; unusable desktop and F17 which is EOL and will not receive security updates (not to mentioned outdated).

Any thoughts on what to do?

posted Jul 12, 2013 by anonymous

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2 Answers

+1 vote

I experienced the same thing and had to set

Option "ShadowFB" "1"

in the Device section of xorg.conf to get nouveau to be usable. Try that and see if things work better.

answer Jul 12, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes
answer Jul 12, 2013 by anonymous
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Please post the incantation necessary to remove the nouveau driver in Fedora 19. I'd really like to install the driver directly from Nvidia, instead of from rpmfusion.

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I just updated a computer from Fedora 19 to 21. I did it by adding a second SSD to the computer on which I installed F21. The problem is now that I can't access the files from the old SSD. They seem to be overshadowed as the volume group has the same name as the new installation.

Any way to get access to the old disk in this new setting?

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I installed Fedora 19 on my laptop, and it worked beautifully with the already installed Windows 8. When I upgraded the Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Now it boots straight to Windows 8.1 and grub does not appear.

I disabled secure boot in the firmware.

I do not even know which version of grub was booting the UEFI system before; it just worked.

Can anyone suggest:

  1. What grub would the Fedora 19 installer have provided to boot it and Windows 8? (grub2, grub-efi,...)
  2. Can anyone point to any documentation on how to fix this?
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Fedora 19 XFCE should no longer include the OpenJDK 7 JRE like F18 did?.
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