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what is meant by Manifest editor and its four different sections in windows phone application?

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what is meant by Manifest editor and its four different sections in windows phone application?
posted Dec 2, 2014 by Puhal

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1 Answer

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Yes I already Explain about Manifest file in this following link check it out:

Now i explain about the Manifest sections:

Four different sections:

Application UI:

Features all the information about the look of the application once it is installed on the phone, like the title, supported resolutions, template, and standard images to use as the main Tile.


Lists all the hardware and software features the application can use, like the camera, geolocalization services, networking, etc. In most cases, using a feature for which the specific capabilities have not been declared will lead to an exception when the application is executed. In this book I will note every time we use a feature that requires a specific capability.


Lists specific hardware features that can be used by your app, like the camera or NFC. If you set requirements, people that own phones without these specific hardware features won’t be able to download the app.


Defines the features of the package that will be published in the store, like the author, publisher, default language, and supported languages.

answer Dec 3, 2014 by Jdk
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