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What is the equivalent code of the following statement in WHILE LOOP format?

+2 votes
for (a=1; a<=100; a++)

printf ("%d\n", a * a);
posted Dec 2, 2014 by Vinitha

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2 Answers

+1 vote

while (a<=100) {

printf ("%d\n", a * a);


answer Dec 2, 2014 by Shivaranjini
For Linux,
You can not put semicolon inside the bracket of while();
Hi all ,I am not getting that how this program is executing .. can you run it on after removing all errors with comments? it isn't supporting gcc so on which compiler you ran this code?
did you run it on turboc++?
0 votes

For Linux,,,

It will show syntax error..
you can not write like that..

Correct Syntax is;

for(initialization ; condition checking ; action)

answer Dec 10, 2014 by Chirag Gangdev
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  printf("%d,\n", i);

Loop does not run for 10 iterations, what is the error?

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While(0) means dont enter into it, but why you want to have while(0) in c code. Any suggestion.

Asked in the interview today.

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