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Circuit Switch and Packet Switch are Physically Present or Just logically?

+3 votes

In LTE, everything is based upon Packet Switch.. Right? Then, What happens if Circuit Switch Mobile tries to connect LTE mobile?

In Packet Switch any communication is possible based upon IP address.. Right? We are not getting IP unless we connect over mobile to Internet (after the attach procedure IP will be with SGW, Not with the UE) (Tested). So, Is it not possible to make/receive a call without connecting with internet?

Basics but very confusing..Please help

posted Dec 1, 2014 by anonymous

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Are you talking about CSFB, CSFB (Circuit Switched FallBack) is a technology whereby voice and SMS services are delivered to LTE devices through the use of GSM or another circuit-switched network.

Please clarify?

1 Answer

+3 votes

In LTE, even a voice call can be packet switched via SRVCC or VoLTE. If packet switched voice is not supported in any LTE network, UE can be redirected/handed over to legacy 2G/3G network for circuit switched voice call. UE supporting LTE/3G/2G is capable of doing both circuit switched and packet switched communication.

answer Dec 1, 2014 by Faisal Adeem Siddiqui
Thanks for the help..
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Since the LTE networks are usually evolved from a GSM or CDMA network with a circuit-switched path, are calls from LTE-capable handsets still prioritized on the circuit and then thrown on the packet-switched route for a VOIP call if that path is full? Or is it the other way around.

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I am searching for tools available as opensource where we can create networks and capture packets ...

Please provide the link so that i can download and play around it.

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