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Is there any eNB resource sharing (not PRBs) occurring between the users in multiuser pairing scheme?

+3 votes

When two users are paired to use same PRBs, the signal processing at eNB is more complex. So is there any resource sharing happening between the paired users such that optimizing this resource sharing can improve the QoS for each user?

Note: This is for the Uplink scenario.

posted Nov 27, 2014 by anonymous

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Since eNodeB can have information about channel quality with finer granularity through selected
subband CQI, wouldn’t it make sense to have MCSs defined on a per‐RB (or a group of RB) basis rather
than a single MCS per UE across all allocated RBs for a codeword?

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Is there any scheme for eNB to inform UEs to change their UL bit-rate? Or is it entirely dependent on the bandwidth/PRBs allocated??

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Suppose a eNB is shared between two operators so can he have multiple tracking area code ?

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