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Keywords: Freshers - Java - C++ - C - Testing - PHP - SQL - Linux - .NET - JavaScript - J2EE
Locations: Bangalore - Mumbai - Delhi - Chennai - Kolkata - Hyderabad - Pune
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IT Analyst at Dell

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Job Type

Not Specified

Min Experience

0 Yr

Max Experience

20 Yr

Experience: 1-3 Years
Industry: IT / Software Services / Others
Skills: Knowledge of HTML and experience with content management systems is preferred, Basic Adobe Photoshop skills, Exceptional communication and organizational skills
Job Responsibilities:
Work closely with project teams, developers and designers to coordinate the site content and make sure it caters to the needs of the target audience .
Create, develop and manage content (requires working with content management software).

How to Apply:

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posted Nov 24, 2014 by anonymous

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Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree
Experience: 0-2 Years
Industry: IT / Software Services

Skills: Exposure or Experience in accounting and 1040 and 1041 tax Preparation knowledge required, Knowledge of HTML/XML a Plus, Strong analytic and diagnostic abilities.

Job Responsibilities:
The Associate Business Systems Analyst is responsible for the testing of assigned projects for various ONESOURCE Income tax products.
Provide quality assurance of assigned products including the systems that create measure and maintain these products.


Qualification: Bachelors / Masters Degree

Experience: 0-2 Years

Do Pont

Skills: Basic knowledge of web languages like HTML, CSS and XML is preferable, Proficiency in MS-Office suite, particularly Microsoft Excel, Word & PowerPoint, Excellent communication and management skills.

Job Responsibilities:
Ability to work with team members remotely, and build strong relationships to effectively support the DSS business.
Review, publish, monitor and archive content in the DSS knowledge repositories. Build and manage sites in the DSS knowledge and collaboration portal on SharePoint.

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