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informcatica workflow polling for a file under FTP location

+2 votes

I wanted to develep the workflow which continuously running and looking for the file..

The source file data is like this :


Once the file received in the FTP location , the workflow should automatically pick the file and load into the target Table.

The output of target table table will be like below

eno    Received
---    -------
10      Y
20      Y
30      Y
40      Y

the condition to load the target table would be [ Update EMP_TGT set Received='Y' where eno=' ]

posted Nov 17, 2014 by Ronu

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2 Answers

+2 votes

File watcher is small program that you can write using shell script or thru informatica event wait task that would poll on a file directory for a specific file. If the file is available Informatica will pick the file and load the data.

answer Nov 18, 2014 by Shweta Singh
Hi Swetha, thanks for your reply.
The source file format wll be ack_file1 , ack_file2, ack_file3...

Once the file received in the FTP location , the workflow should automatically pick the file and load data into the target Table. once the data is loaded

the file should move to archive path. If the FTP path has more than one file, it should pick the files one by one...

How to acheive this?
I would suggest you just look into the manual of ftp command line ftp-tool and script with that.
Alternative: use wget to download the ftp-file to local machine, then scp to target machine, I suppose using public-key-authentication for ssh, that scp does not need a password, then it should end up simple like this.
wget --ftp-user=$USERNAME --ftp-password=$PASSWORD ftp://$HOSTNAME/ABC/$Y.tar
 scp $Y.tar $SCPUSER@$SCPHOST/targetpath/$X.tar
0 votes
answer Nov 21, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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Till now I have tried like I have created 2 sessions where the 1st session will read the db table where the source file name is stored and store it in one mapping variable and in post success variable assignment

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Please suggest some ideas.

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