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What are the Negative Test cases for GTPV2 tunnelling messages

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I am working on GTPV2 control plane. I want to implement negative test scenarios for GTPV2-C messages in my project. Can anybody list out the possible negative test case scenarios for GTPV2-C messages.??

posted Nov 17, 2014 by Naveen Yanamaddi

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GTP is a big protocol and used at many interfaces in the LTE and UMTS network. And would be a huge list of test cases may be more then 2K assuming 80% are negative test cases.

Is it possible to narrow down to the interfaces so that people can share the thoughts.
Yeah Salil.

I am basically looking for the test cases to the messages which are going from MME to SGW to PGW or vice versa that is also only control plane i.e, GTPV2-C messages.

1 Answer

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Some generalized negative test case which each protocol should have -
- send extra IE/AVP in the message.
- send a message with missing mandatory IE in the message.
- Behavior of Node when it receives an message with two mandatory IE/AVPs missing 
- Shutdown and restart database (whatever ur DB) during test.
- Shutdown the database before starting of server and client node.
- Behavior of Node when it receives a message with correct header but extra large size payload.
- Requests from 'unknown peers'.
- Reconnecting after termination.

Now there are lot of test case which depends on the architecture of the product for which you need to get through with the internal document of the company and max number of cases would be interface specific please look into the respective 3GPP spec for that.

answer Nov 18, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
sahil ji can u eloborate ==> Shutdown and restart database (whatever ur DB) during test. i didnt got u
Say you are using MYSQL as database then you can stop MYSQL followed by START MYSQL.
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