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Saving reports in bugzilla

0 votes

We are running v4.2 and I do not see a way to save a report without exporting it out to Excel. I need a link that management can just click on

posted Jul 10, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Best answer

Below each report there should be something like "Remember this report as..." where you can provide a name and can see if the report is available to other users like saved searches. I don't use this feature myself but I think both use the same method of sharing searches between users.

answer Jul 11, 2013 by anonymous
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How would you set the bar graph in Graphical Reports to double bar graph with two different sets of data graphed on one bar chart? Using stacked/individual or adding a horizontal axis doesn't give separate data sets like I need.

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We are using Bugzilla for our project and while we try to use the graphical feature it throws the error that the Graphical feature is not available in your Bugzilla. The require Perl modules GD, Chart, GD-Template, GDText-Util has been installed, in spite of this the error is encountered kindly help us resolve this issue.

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How can I attach multiple files in single commit or while posting a new bug?

Right now it accepts only one attachment, when I try to add next it overrides the first one.

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I installed bugzilla on ubuntu 14.04 machine. how to set SMTP mail server so that all mail notification should get send to gmail mail ids.

Please help?

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I recently upgraded my Bugzilla from 4.4.x to 5.0.1. I am now noticing that non-ASCII attachments -- even ones created years ago -- do not download correctly in any browser. For example, Microsoft Word attachments (MIME type "application/msword") are corrupted and don't display properly if at all. The same thing happens with binary file attachments (MIME type "application/octet-stream") and Excel files.

These are all relatively small files (under 200KB) that are stored in the MySQL attachment table. By retrieving one of the BLOBs directly, I verified that the content in the database is _not_ corrupted.

What seems to be happening is that all of these binary attachments are being converted to UTF-8 unconditionally. For example, a byte 0x82 in the original file is being converted to the 2-byte sequence 0xC2,0x82 in the downloaded version.

My server is Apache 2.2.22 running under Debian 7.9.

Any ideas how to fix this behavior?