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How can I set custom colors values in a Xaml Value field?

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hi i am using XAMl for designing i want to know how to set color codes like HTML in XAML any one help how to grab it??

posted Nov 11, 2014 by Puhal

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1 Answer

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To paint an area with a solid color, you can use a predefined system brush, such as Red or Blue, or you can create a new SolidColorBrush and describe its Color using alpha, red, green, and blue values. In XAML, you may also paint an area with a solid color by using hexidecimal notation.

The following examples uses each of these techniques to paint a Rectangle blue.

Using a Predefined Brush:


 <Rectangle Width="50" Height="50" Fill="Blue" />


// Create a rectangle and paint it with // a predefined brush.
Rectangle myPredefinedBrushRectangle = new Rectangle();
myPredefinedBrushRectangle.Width = 50;
myPredefinedBrushRectangle.Height = 50;
myPredefinedBrushRectangle.Fill = Brushes.Blue;

Using Hexadecimal Notation:

Note that the first two characters "FF" of the 8-digit
value is the alpha which controls the transparency of
the color. Therefore, to make a completely transparent
color (invisible), use "00" for those digits (e.g. #000000FF).

 <Rectangle Width="50" Height="50" Fill="#FF0000FF" />

Using ARGB Values:

The next example creates a SolidColorBrush and describes its Color using the ARGB values for the color blue.


     <Rectangle Width="50" Height="50">

    <!-- Describes the brush's color using
         RGB values. Each value has a range of 0-255.  
         R is for red, G is for green, and B is for blue.
         A is for alpha which controls transparency of the
         color. Therefore, to make a completely transparent
         color (invisible), use a value of 0 for Alpha. -->
   <Color A="255" R="0" G="0" B="255" />
answer Nov 12, 2014 by Jdk
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