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Why RRC Re-establishment doesn't occur at S1 Handover failure ?

+5 votes
Why RRC Re-establishment doesn't occur at S1 Handover failure ?
posted Nov 10, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

RRC Connection reestablishement can occurs during any type of HO(X2/S1). It is not depend upon the type of HO. After getting rrcconnection reconfiguration with mobility parameters, UE starts t304 timer and try to perform RACH with the target cell. If t304 expires at UE before getting successful RACH resolved at target cell then UE performs rrc connection reestablishment with source cell parameters(PCI,C-RNTI,shortMAC-I) and reestablishmentCause as handoverfailure.

answer Nov 10, 2014 by Veer Pal Singh Yadav
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Upon detecting Radio Link Failure UE will do RRC Connection re-establishment but to do RRC Connection re-establishment security should be activated in UE, otherwise UE will go Idle mode.So here(After detecting RLF) we are resetting all PHY,MAC,RLC,PDCP Configurations but why we are making security should be there to do RRC Connection re-establishment.

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How to inform MME about UE movement from Source eNB to Target eNB after UE sending Re-establishment with HO failure to target eNB during handover. In this case HO notify or path switch is applicable ?

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