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How does Polymorphism is implemented in Java?

+3 votes
How does Polymorphism is implemented in Java?
posted Nov 9, 2014 by anonymous

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There is a Java Virtual Machine completely implemented in Java called JPF. In other words, when you run a Java program within this machine, it's a JVM-within-a-JVM execution. Obviously, this uses a lot of resources and I was thinking of ways how that could be reduced.

An idea I have is to compile JPF with GCJ to native code, thereby resulting in only one JVM that is used when running a Java program within JPF.

Do you see any inherent limitations to this idea, i.e. reasons why it wouldn't work? I'm not a JVM expert so it's hard for me to see any obvious obstacles.

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How is SingleThreadModel implemented in Tomcat? In other containers? [I would assume that Tomcat uses its connection thread pool, and creates a new instance of the servlet for each connection thread, instead of sharing one instance among all threads. Is that true?]