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Trigger Infa workflow based on the status column in oracle table [CLOSED]

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Hi All,

I want to implement the below scenaio without using pl/sql procedure or unix script. I want to be implement by using Pwoercenter only.

Kinly suggest me.

1.I have a table called emp_details with coulmns (empno,ename,salary,emp_status,flag,date1) .

2.if someones updates the columns emp_status='abc' and flag='y' ,Informatica WF 1 would be in contunous running status and checking emp_status value "ABC"

3.If it found record / records then query all the records and it will invoke WF 2.

  1. WF 1 will pass value ename,salary,Date1 to WF 2 (Wf2 will populate will insert the records into the table emp_details2).

Kindly tell me the informatica approach instead of plsql and shell script...

Thank you

posted Nov 7, 2014 by Ronu

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