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How to upload multiple images in rails

0 votes

I need to upload multiple images at a time. How can I upload let me know please.

posted Jul 10, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes
answer Jul 10, 2013 by anonymous
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I need to upload multiple image upload at a time in my application. I searched and got the carrierwave gem as a solution, but I find that only one image at a time.but i need to upload multiple images at a time using single the button uploadimage. How can I overcome this problem.

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I need to upload files in my rails application.the type of the files should be pdf,xls,word.After that i need to download them from the view page.plz help me in this regard.

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I am using RoR and one of my apps drives the others and stores pictures that the others use.
Both apps are on the same server How do I build a link to the image on the other app?

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I have just started with rails. I am making a attendance web app. I want to insert student attendance into attendances table and unable to do it as the form just inserts only last entry of the form. Student table and Attendances table have associations (has_many,belongs_to).

Please let me know how the form should be and controller API should look like.

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@members = Members.all
@members.each do |m|
 MemberMailer.message(@message, m).deliver