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Can anyone share the call flow of eMBMS? (Call flow/architecture diagram would be very helpful)

+4 votes

Basic call flow as to how a user can access this service & the significance of the nodes involved

posted Nov 5, 2014 by Ankush Surelia

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Will call flow work for you or need something else?
Call flow helped a lot. Thanks.
Could you please shred some light on the role of BM-SC & MBMS gateway. What information is exchanged between MBMS GW and MME, MBMSGW & BMSC
Can u ask a separate query so that it can be addressed in detail and helpful for others also in short -

Role of BM-SC is to ingest content and to prepare it for broadcast transmission. The BM-SC mostly communicates with one component in the broadcast network : the MBMS Gateway (other then content provider and PGw). It provides this gateway with content over the user-plane (SYNC encapsulated), and it provides commands and instructions over the control plane, so that the gateway can send content to the appropriate eNodeBs in the selected areas.
Thanks. I will also place a separate query for this question

1 Answer

+1 vote

Network Structure of eMBMS

Network Structure of MBMS

Session Start

Session Start Call Flow

answer Nov 5, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
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Thanks in advance.

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