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Cookie in struts2

0 votes

I have no difficulty to handle cookie in struts 1, but have lots of error in struts 2

i have the following program

public class SecurityVerifySessionIntercepter extends AbstractInterceptor implements ServletResponseAware, ServletRequestAware {

Map session= ActionContext.getContext().getSession();

Cookie cookieList[]=HttpServletRequest.getCookies();

for above program, the compiler give so much error about cookie.

cannot find symbol
symbol  : class Cookie
location: class SecurityVerifySessionIntercepter
          Cookie cookieList[]=HttpServletRequest.getCookies();

non-static method getCookies() cannot be referenced from a static context
          Cookie cookieList[]=HttpServletRequest.getCookies();

please advise

posted May 15, 2013 by anonymous

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2 Answers

0 votes

Import the Cookie class, and get the cookies from the request, not the class of the request?

answer May 15, 2013 by anonymous
thanks, in my program, after i import it, the compile error is gone.
0 votes

You might want to look into the CookiesAware interface. It's a better way of accessing cookies. Here's a good post on handling Cookies in Struts 2:

answer May 15, 2013 by anonymous
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