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Does SGi interface always signify external IP network ?

+4 votes

In LTE network, there are couple of nodes which use SGi interface for communication between each other. I get confused that this SGi interface always refer IP network or it may have something else.

posted Nov 3, 2014 by Ganesh

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PGW is connected with AAA server with 2 interface .
1. SGI interface 2. S6b interface.

Why SGI is required if s6b is already there?

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How does primary and secondary DNS server IP addresses make any significance for an UE ?

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Hi all

Because combined S-GW/P-GW is one node, so do we still need to implement the connection between them?
Is it necessary for core network to implement GTP-based or PMIP based S5/S8 interface if it is combined S-GW/P-GW?

Is there any 3GPP spec mention about combined S-GW/P-GW? what is the cons and reasons to do this?


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