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Use of highPriorityAccess as EstablishmentCause in RRCConnectionRequest - LTE

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LTE - What are the different scenarios that UE uses highPriorityAccess as EstablishmentCause in RRCConnectionRequest message?

posted Oct 28, 2014 by Nagaraja Sadar

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1 Answer

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As my understanding,

All UEs are members of one out of ten randomly allocated mobile populations, defined as Access Classes (AC) 0 to 9. The population number is stored in the SIM/USIM. In addition, UEs may be members of one or more out of 5 special categories (Access Classes 11 to 15), also held in the SIM/USIM. These are allocated to specific high priority users as follows. (The enumeration is not meant as a priority sequence):
Class 15 - PLMN Staff;
1) 14 - Emergency Services;
2) 13 - Public Utilities (e.g. water/gas suppliers);
3) 12 - Security Services;
4) 11 - For PLMN Use.

In all cases, the RRC establishment cause is set to ‘High Priority Access’ if the UE uses Access Class (AC)
11 to 15.

answer Oct 29, 2014 by Bheemappa G
Thanks for the information. Follow up question is:

How one can identify which AC that UE belongs to?
 Do we have any AT command for the same? I checked in UE Capability Related messages but couldn't find there.
This information will be stored in SIM/USIM as i mentioned .If you have test usim then you should use SIM reader and need to get the information (it may be password protected not sure).
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