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What is the use of Bearer Resource Command message in LTE?

+4 votes
What is the use of Bearer Resource Command message in LTE?
posted Oct 27, 2014 by anonymous

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2 Answers

+2 votes

Just adding over what Bheemappa has said, Bearer Resource Command is a GTPv2 message and used to communicate UE request bearer establishment request or modification request to PGW via SGW.

It happens with UE when an application's requirement can't be mapped to an already established bearer or needs some modification on an established bearer.

answer Oct 27, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
+1 vote

In brief bearer Resource Command message can used for 3 purposes sch as ,
1)Create New TFT
2)delete existing TFT
3)modify existing TFT . (ex : QoS )

answer Oct 27, 2014 by Bheemappa G
what's TFT ?
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Probably is newbie question -
What is the purpose of default bearer in LTE and why this concept is missing in UMTS?

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Under what scenario(s) is the UE-initiated dedicated bearer request implemented? This is discussed at 3GPP TS 24.301 at section 6.5.3 and 3GPP TS 23.401 at section 5.4.5. I understand that the UE can initiate a dedicated bearer with specific QoS, but am unsure when this occurs as a practical matter. If there were specific applications that required the UE to request a dedicated bearer, that would be helpful to know.

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Also if it takes the same time for a default bearer and a dedicated bearer?

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