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Bootstrapping Server Function in LTE network?

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Bootstrapping Server function (BSF) is part of Generic Authentication Scheme (GBA Generic Bootstrapping Architecture) or Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA) which consists of following elements.

  1. User Equipment (UE)
  2. Application Server (NAF: Network Application Function), e. g. for mobile TV; provides the service
  3. BSF (Bootstrapping Server Function); arranges security relation between UE and NAF
  4. mobile network operator's Home Subscriber Server (HSS) which hosts user profiles

Now coming to the LTE network, BSF queries the Subscriber Locator Function (SLF) over Zh interface (Diameter based) to get the name of the HSS containing the required subscriber specific data.

Bootstrapping Server Function

Above is the message flow between various entities, BSF mutually authenticate UE and server that host a service using the service key i.e. B-TID. BSF generates the session key (B-TID) and pass it to UE, after receiving B-TID UE access services using B-TID from NAF.

posted Oct 25, 2014 by anonymous

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Very nice article, when we have very few knowledge available on net. Good going :)
Hi Experts,
Does LTE authentication and security procedures invloves the GBA or GAA as I a know when AUTHENTICATION happen, UE intract with MME during attach and MME intract with HSS for AUTHENTICATION vectors.

I don't know how this GBA or GAA comes into picture as in LTE architecture NAF/BSF is not there.

Its a old thread better ask a fresh question so that it can reach to the target audiances. Use the following link