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Is MSISDN mandatory in LTE?

+4 votes

Is MSISDN mandatory in LTE or any PS networks? If we have IMSI as subscriber id is that sufficient?

posted Oct 20, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Both serves different purpose Both serves different purpose where IMSI is used to identify a subscriber by operator at the same time MSISDN is used to route the call. In short MSISDN is the number which is used for dialing


Now coming to your query, if we use IMSI as a subscriber identity then services likes MNP, IN would become impossible of we need to device the mechanism which will be similar to MSISDN only. I would suggest to go through the link above and a lot of doubt would get cleared.

answer Oct 20, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
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M2M devices and data cards without voice services may not need an MSISDN, how are such records maintained on the HLR? Is it mandatory to have an MSISDN associated with every IMSI record on the HLR? If yes, can we just have a dummy/fake MSISDN associated in such a case so to avoid consuming/wasting a real MSISDN?

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Uplink NAS transport message is used between eNodeB and MME to pass NAS messages between UE and MME transparently.
Since eNodeB has already communicated TAI and E-CGI as part of "Initial UE message" and MME knows current serving (cell and tai ) of UE then why both IEs are mandatory in Uplink NAS transport. I think it should be optional and it should be included in the message when there is a change in serving (cell or tai or both).

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Is GTPU ECHO Mechanism mandatory to be enabled between 2 Peer Entities to transfer User Data in LTE and without GTPU ECHO Mechanism, will user data can be transferred to & fro after Attach is Success?

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While going through 29.274 specification, I observed "Bearer TFT" is optional in Create Session Request/Response messages while it's presence is mandatory in Create Bearer Request message. Reasons are not explained in the specification. Can someone please explain it ?

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