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What MME does when it receives "NAS non delivery indication" message from eNodeB?

+3 votes
What MME does when it receives "NAS non delivery indication" message from eNodeB?
posted Oct 17, 2014 by Varun Kumar

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1 Answer

+2 votes

whenever following events occures
" S1 intra system Handover Triggered", or
"S1 inter system Handover Triggered" or
"X2 Handover Triggered"
if eNB decided its not sure that UE specific NAS message what it received from MME will be delivered, so in that case eNB will send back to MME .

When MME receives "NAS non delivery indication" from eNB ,MME shall retransmits the PDU or or shall be discarded based on NAS messages
for example :
SECURITY MODE COMMAND etc. may take following action,
**upon successful completion of the handover the MME shall retransmit the NAS PDU.
if handover failed and if NAS signaling exists MME shall retransmit .

and for some NAS messages like DOWNLINK NAS TRANSPORT etc MME will discard even handover is successfull.
ref: 3GPP TS 24.301
this is my understanding please let me know if i am wrong

answer Oct 17, 2014 by Bheemappa G
I think the MME should at-least wait for the handover procedure to complete before retransmiting any NAS pdu to the enodeB because MME should know which enodeB the UE is connected to & this is determined only after a successful/unsuccessful handover. Correct me if I am wrong.
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Does Mme also sends Purge(PUR) to HSS before sending delete session request to SGW when MME receives detach request from enodeb side ?
It would be great if you give your valuable suggestion ?

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