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What is Normalization in Oracle?

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What is Normalization in Oracle?
posted Oct 17, 2014 by Suchithra

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2 Answers

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Normalization is the process of organizing the tables to remove the redundancy.

There are mainly 5 normalization rules.

a) 1 Normal Form : A table is said to be in 1st Normal Form when the attributes are atomic
b) 2 Normal Form: A table is said to be in 2nd Normal Form when all the candidate keys are dependent on the primary key
c) 3rd Normal Form : A table is said to be third Normal form when it is not dependent transitively

answer Oct 20, 2014 by Arun Gowda
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Normalization is the process of efficiently organizing data in a database. There are two goals of the normalization process: eliminating redundant data (for example, storing the same data in more than one table) and ensuring data dependencies make sense (only storing related data in a table). Both of these are worthy goals as they reduce the amount of space a database consumes and ensure that data is logically stored. There are several benefits for using Normalization in Database.
Types of Normalization are as follows:
 First Normal Form
 Second Normal Form
 Third Normal Form
 Boyce’s Normal Form
 Fourth Normal Form
 Fifth Normal Form

answer Nov 15, 2014 by Manikandan J
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