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What can be done to minimize chances of MME overload conditions?

+5 votes

As per 3GPP 36.413 specification, there is a procedure defined i.e. known as "Over load" procedure. As soon as eNodeB receives "OverLoad Start" Message from MME, it takes further actions like not to accept new signalling or may be something else.

Now the query is how it can be avoided as much as possible ?

posted Oct 17, 2014 by Varun Kumar

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Can OverloadStop message also be sent from MME to eNB when the eNB establishes SCTP connection to the MME.

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Is there any strategy or relation holding the number of eNodeBs that can be connected to a particular MME?

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Can same TAC be planned in two different MMEs, if yes will it have and service impact?

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Which message EnodeB will communicate to MME after Receiving the Reestablishment Complete message from UE. what else messages will transverse between EnodeB and MME, before sending Reconfiguration message to UE from EnodeB after Reestablishment complete message has been received at EnodeB.

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Does the S1-handover procedure always has to be change in MME ? As per spec it is mentioned MME changes during the S1 handover. But in a case where the source and target enodeB is served by same MME , but let say because of some network problem X2 interface is not available and source enodeB initiates a S1 handover procedure. How do we validate this scenario, as I don't see any call flow in the spec for this?

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