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How to remove page extension on web?

+2 votes

I am using PHP, apache. I want to show in place of

posted Oct 15, 2014 by anonymous

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I just upgraded Squeeze to Wheezy, and have difficulties with cURL PHP extension: I can't enable it.

I have installed following packages related to this issue: curl, libcurl3, libcurl3-gnutls, php5-curl.

I have in /etc/php5/mods-available/curl.ini

; configuration for php CURL module
; priority=20

I know that cURL extension is not enabled because I want to install Moodle and it complains about cURL extension. How can I solve this problem?

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I am newbie in Apache concepts and only know Apache Tomcat. Following is my requirement, would anybody please help me how to setup.

I have a clustered JBOSS EAP 6.3 instances running on two different Windows 8 machines. Now I am planning to put a load balancer to dispatch the requests to these JBOSS clustered servers.

I am thinking of Apache httpds as a load balancer. What I got to know is these Apache web server will be available in source code and source code needs to be compiled as per the environment.

I am not finding any Windows 8 (64bit) Apache http installed in the Apache site. Would someone help me from where to download the Windows 8 (64bit) version of Apache httpd service.

And also any guide to setup the load balancer on Windows machine.

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