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Formatting a column using Expression Transformation in Informatica Powercenter

+1 vote

I have a Column (SALARY) in Source Table from Relational DB, for example 15000 is a record in SALARY column and I want to format it as $15,000.00 into the Target table which is a Relational DB using Expression Transformation.


posted Oct 15, 2014 by Sunil

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1 Answer

0 votes


Change the datatype to decimal scale 2 in the target db SALARY column.

answer Oct 16, 2014 by anonymous
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I have source column(amount) with datatype string, contains the datas like $793.00, $5791.00,...

I need to load this same data into the target table column(amount) with datatype NUMBER

How can i get this same data with '$' symbol in target by using expression transformation in informatica?

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I have an xml file my tag is like


I need to find position of <'/mytag'> using Informatica Expression transformation. How can I achieve that?

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