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How to disable logging rejected files in the .bad file?

+3 votes

I have a few instances of the same PowerCenter session running in parallel. They attempt to insert a large number of rows into the same target table. The table has a unique constraint on the natural key columns that causes a lot of rows to be rejected due to unique constraint violation. These rows are saved in a reject file and it hurts the performance of the entire process.

I don't need a list of rejected rows - it was my conscious decision to prevent the duplicate rows on the database level, not in the mapping. This is a known side effect of this design decision.

Is there a setting to prevent the rejected rows from being logged in a reject file?

posted Oct 15, 2014 by Amit Sharma

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I have developed an Informatica PowerDesigner 9.1 ETL Job which uses lookup and an update transform to detect if the target table has the the incoming rows from the source or not. I have set for the Update transform a condition

IIF(ISNULL(target_table_surrogate_id), DD_INSERT, DD_REJECT)

Now, when the incoming row is already in the target table, the row is rejected. Informatica writes these rejected rows into a .bad file. How to prevent this? Is there a way to determine that the rejected rows are not written into a .bad file? Or should I use e.g. a router insted of an update transform to determine if the row is insert row an then discard the other rows?

+1 vote

If work flow run on informatica level how to create the automatically file create error records and rejected records in one file.

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In my case, i have an expression transformation which uses the default function ERROR('transformation') to skip the records in which date value coming inside is not in the correct format. In this, the skipped rows are not written to the reject files, so that we are getting the reconcilation problem. I need the skipped rows to be written to the bad files.Please help me how can i achieve this.

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