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Edit MySQL Trigger in Workbench problem

+1 vote

I've created a Trigger and want to edit it. Using MySQL Workbench, I can Alter the table, and click Triggers and select the trigger action I want to edit (on my local database, MySQL running on same PC)

However, if I try the exact same procedure on a Trigger on a remote database, I don't see the Triggers under each action.

The only way these can be edited is to drop and create it again.

posted Jul 9, 2013 by anonymous

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Using Workbench with MySQL 5.6 how do I edit a existing Trigger. Do I need
to DROP the Trigger and create a new one ? If that is the case how can you
run start command in a live environment ?

+1 vote

I've restored an MySQL backup from our MySQL server into another server. The backup includes InnoDB tables. After the import, MySQL recognized the innodb tables fine but when I try to do a check table it returns that the table doesn't exists.

Permission and owner of the table files (.frm files) are ok, since it recognizes MyISAM tables (they have the same permission). Innodb engine is enabled..

Which can cause the tables to appears as "non existent", as far as they do really exist?

+1 vote

I have a website on my private webserver, which consist of some kind of a LAMP-server on a raspberry. Previously it ran on a laptop with Ubuntu and the same kind of LAMP-server. I'm trying to restore the SQL-backup from the old machine to restore with the raspberry. While finding the file and starting the restore is no problem, I get the following message and a full stop:

SELECT MAX( version )  FROM `phpmyadmin`.`pma_tracking` 
WHERE `db_name` = 'bbz' AND `table_name` = 'wp_links VALUES'
AND FIND_IN_SET( 'INSERT', tracking ) >0

MYSQL RETOURNEERDE: #1100 - Table 'pma_tracking' was not locked with LOCK TABLES
Since I do a full restore I'm processing the younameit.SQL file. I'm bad in interpreting the error messag, don't understand what it exactly mens and what I can do to cure this problem.

+1 vote

I have installed, de-installed and reinstalled this s/w and MySQL itself on my Win8 box. However, when I go to use it from a script, I get the following error:

"C:Python27libsite-packagesMySQLdb__init.py__", line 27 in  import _mysql
ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not valid Win32 application. 

I'm running Win8 which is 64-bit, Python 27, MySQL 5.5. Please help?