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How to validate the radiobutton in asp in JavaScript File?

+1 vote

I have two radio button both are unchecked. When I select a button, it will alert select one radiobutton..
After selection of the radiobutton that radio button should be unchecked....

posted Oct 14, 2014 by anonymous

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Not able to understand can you update the issue step by step so that someone can look into it?

1 Answer

0 votes
function selectRadioButton()

var y=document.getElementById("ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_rbyes");
var n=document.getElementById("ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_rbno");

if(y.checked==false && n.checked==false)
alert(Please select Yes/No");
return false;
return true;

<asp:RadioButton  runat="server" ID="rbyes" Text="Yes"  visible="true" GroupName="a"  />
 <asp:RadioButton  runat="server" ID="rbno" Text="No" visible="true" GroupName="a" />
 <asp:Button  ID="btnOk" runat="server" Text="OK" OnClick="btnOk_Click"  OnClientClick="return selectRadioButton();"/>
answer Nov 15, 2014 by Manikandan J
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