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C program to find closest items of given number from array ?

+4 votes

Say you are given an array and u need to find out the closest number from the array for a given number. Please help me.

posted Oct 9, 2014 by anonymous

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Can you provide the sample input and its expected output.
The closest number should the greater than or lesser than the given number?
Commenting on behalf of Shanmuga Priya Ramalingam:
1.declare 2 array get all values of 1st array. 2.get the number. Using for loop do b[i] = a[i] - number; fine smallest value in b array. Display using b index display closest value in a array.
Yeah you are right, but my question is assume if you have the following input as an array[] = {1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8}
and the numbe is  "7"  so here 2 numbers are there in the array which is closest to 7 i.e 6 and 8.
So which one should i select.

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Given an array of sorted integers and find the closest value to the given number. Array may contain duplicate values and negative numbers.

Example : Array : 2,5,6,7,8,8,9
Target number : 5
Output : 5

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Given an array of integers (possibly some of the elements negative), write a C program to find out the *maximum product* possible by adding 'n' consecutive integers in the array, n <= ARRAY_SIZE.

Also give where in the array this sequence of n integers starts.

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