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Workflow not appearing in Web Service hub

+2 votes

I'm following through with this tutorial on setting up a web service to informatica, however despite following the instructions exactly the workflow does not appear in the web services hub in either valid or invalid.

On the workflow manager, the workflow has got Web Services Enabled and configured (I can see the web service hub in the list), i've checked the visible and runnable options, still no luck. I even created the mapping exactly the same as she did (using the manual Create Web Service Definition rather than import WSDL).

Other than setting these options is there anything else you have to do just to expose the workflow to the hub? Just looking to see if the tutorial missed something really obvious which i've not done (the workflow shows a little blue icon next to it which i guess means it's set up for web services).


posted Oct 8, 2014 by Amit Sharma

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1 Answer

0 votes

The issue we were facing was nothing to do with the set up of the mapping or workflow, all of which were correct. After checking the logs in informatica we noticed a user login error.

Turns out there was no user created for the Web Services Hub, meaning it wasn't authenticating and returning the services. Once this was fixed the valid web services appeared.


answer Oct 13, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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I have a job scheduled by tivoli for an Informatica workflow. I have checked property to save workflow logs for 5 runs.

Job is running fine through informatica but if u try to run is from tivoli using pmcmd it fails to rename the workflow log file .

Please help, I am getting this error :

Cannot rename workflow log file [E:\Informatica\etl_d\WorkflowLogs\wf_T.log.bin] to [E:\Informatica\etl_d\WorkflowLogs\wf_T.log.4.bin]. Please check the Integration Service log for more information. Disconnecting from Integration Service

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I am facing the following error while accessing the Informatica web services methods:

This represents an internal error at the Informatica PowerCenter Web Services Hub. error code is : WSH_95000

I am able to login and able to get the sessionid provided by the login response. I am passing the same session id for every SOAP call. But able to initializeDIserverConnection, unable to do any other calls in DI services.

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I have successfully installed informatica domain but not able to create Repository service.

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I am getting following error while running a workflow in informatica.

Session task instance [worklet.session] : [TM_6775 The master DTM process was unable to connect to the master service process to update the session status with the following message: error message [ERROR: The session run for [Session task instance [worklet.session]] and [ folder id = 206, workflow id = 16042, workflow run id = 65095209, worklet run id = 65095337, task instance id = 13272 ] is not yet registered with this service process.] and error code [1417].]

This error comes randomly for many other sessions, when they are ran through workflow as a whole. However if I "start task" that failed task next time, it runs successfully.

Any help is appreciated.

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