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What can be the reason if UE is sends RRC connection request 3 mins after triggering a MO call?

+4 votes
What can be the reason if UE is sends RRC connection request 3 mins after triggering a MO call?
posted Oct 8, 2014 by Hashim Rahman

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1 Answer

0 votes

Please check either RAR is coming late from eNodeB or delay in cell synchronization. It would be better if you have UE logs.

answer Oct 8, 2014 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
Similar Questions
+1 vote

Usually, I always saw when UE sends "S-TMSI" in RRC connection Request message then it definitely sends "Registered MME Information " in RRC Connection Setup Complete message.

I am looking for a scenario on which UE sends "Random number" in RRC Connection Request message and "Registered MME Information" in RRC Connection Setup Complete message.

+5 votes

I have scenario where in I have to gracefully shutdown/disconnect all UE's in connected state at RRC and go for reboot of the complete system. Here are the steps that I have followed -
1. Find all UE's in RRC which are in connected state
2. Send UE Context Release Request to MME for the UE with Cause as Misc_Cause_O_M_Intervention.
3. Once we receive UE Context Release Command from MME, Start UE Release procedure at eNodeb.
4. When we send RRC Connection Release Use Cause as "other"
5. Send UE Context Release Complete to MME.
6. Repeat Above steps for all UE's.
7. Go for reboot.

Here in this scenario, after sending RRC Connection Release to UE, it is immediately trying to connect to eNodeb with message RRC Connection Request with establishmentCause as "HighPriorityAccess" and MME is releasing the UE again.

I wanted to know why UE is trying to connect again.

FYI: UE was just in connected state and it was doing any data transfer (Both in Uplink and Downlink).

+2 votes

Q-1-I observed a scenario like when initiating MO call ,RRC connection establishment fails(RRC connection reject) due to cell reselection completion prior to receiving RRC connection setup.In this case which will be given a priority ,Cell reselection or Call ?

Q-2: What are other possible RRC connection failure reasons could happen from UE or Network perspective ?

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