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Informatica Repository Query to get Lookup Connection

+2 votes

Within Informatica I have a Mapping which uses a unconnected lookup. This Mapping I use in a Session wherein I define a Relational DB connection for this lookup transformation.

Now, which repository tables will I have to query to get the connection names for all my lookups in my sessions? I tried REP_SESS_WIDGET_CNXS, but there are only connection names for sources and targets of my sessions.

Any idea on this one?

posted Oct 6, 2014 by Sunil

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For cleaning up unused IPC-Sources I need a Repository Query for getting Workflow, Session, Mapping and Source/Target of Mapping.I have startet by joining REP_LOAD_SESSIONS and REP_TBL_MAPPING on mapping_id but only a fraction of mappings seem to be present in the joined output. I can't find the right tables to join to get the job done. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

+3 votes

I am using below self join query as Lookup override in informatica. This is running fine in teradata.

       A.enp_no    AS ENP_NBR, 
       B.sla_cd    AS SLA_CODE 
FROM   edb_man_work.emp A, 
       edb_man_work.emp B 
WHERE  A.company_no = Trim(Cast(B.enp_no AS INTEGER)) 
       AND A.region_cd = B.region_cd 

This is running fine in teradata but while running in mapping it is giving error

as Column SLA_CD is ambiguous.

I am not sure why this is giving this type of error.

+1 vote

I have look up T/F in the mapping. If the look up t/f fails to return a row based on the look up condition, i need to send the source record to Bad file. How can i do that?

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In unconnected lookup, what are the other transformations that can be used in place of that expression transformation?

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