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How to change the default shortcut name in informatica

+2 votes

So we have a share folder that we import all of our database tables into and then each of the developers have their own development folder and they just create shortcuts to the source tables and target tables they need. I have been trying to find a way to change the default shortcut name (i.e. Shortcut_to_nameoftable). I am talking about about the Informatica Powercenter Designer.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

posted Oct 6, 2014 by Sachin

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Currently, we have a lot of ETLs developed and the underlying table and column names are going to change. For example, the physical names used abbreviated names rather than full names since we wanted to deploy on Oracle, but for now, we decided we will use only SQL Server, hence there is a discussion on using full names at the DB level. This will impact the ETLs that we have already developed.

I was just wondering whether there is any efficient way to remap the ETL to the changed column names? I can provide a file with old and new table/column names as input.

Any help on this will be really appreciated.

+1 vote

i have an issue where i get flat file with date and time extension to flat file name like test_28-10-2012.txt

I can get the flat file name in mapping through checking the AddCurrentlyProcessedFileNameproperty in Source Analyzer,from there i can do my logic but my question is

how can i dynamically give the flat file name in Source file name property of session.

+2 votes

Is there any environment variable which holds the value of task ran ?

+2 votes

I have this informatica requirement where, i am getting some files say 1000 files, these files gets divided into multiple folders on unix server. i want to rename this file, let me give you an eg:

File name:input

Now I want to change these file names by adding account_no,client_no,datestamp(all these values resides in one table). eg:

This is just an eg: this I ll be having say 10 listfiles and each listfile ll contain 100 files.Do i need to create 10 mappings for each listfile or is there any way that i can implement this in single mapping.

Please note:I cannot club all files in one folder and then change the file names and then again divide into original directories, as sometimes we get files in separated directories and we have to change there name and keep them in that particular folder only(for other business logic).

Kindly provide solution for this.

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