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What is the need of establishing srb1 if srb0 is already established?

+2 votes
What is the need of establishing srb1 if srb0 is already established?
posted Sep 26, 2014 by Puneet Agarwal

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1 Answer

+3 votes

In LTE, there are 3 signalling radio bearers are defined.

- SRB - 0 : which is nothing but common control channel. As soon as the cell setup procedure is finished, it becomes operational. It is not dedicated for an UE. Every UE uses this channel to send initial RRC messages.

- SRB - 1: It is associated with UE. Every UE has its own dedicated signalling radio bearer. As the time of RRC connection setup procedure , it is established.

-SRB-2: It is another dedicated signalling radio bearer which is mainly used to NAS messages. It is an optional signalling radio bearer. Even if this is not present SRB1 shall be used for both RRC and NAS signalling messages.

answer Sep 26, 2014 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
Thanks Vimal
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