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How to recover from deadlock in Fedora?

+3 votes

I have a machine running Fedora 19, which is experiencing a deadlock. What can I do to remedy this situation? I have tried

CRTL + ALT + F3 and

to get a login prompt to issue the reboot command, but the keyboard seems to be also locked.

posted Sep 25, 2014 by Kumar Mitrasen

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I am moving from Fedora to Ubuntu.
In Fedora , running "which AliasName" shows the alias.

For example, if I have

$alias myAlias='echo test'

$which myAlias
alias myAlias='echo test'

In Ubuntu, this does not work.

alias myAlias='echo test'
$which myAlias

shows nothing.

Any idea - is there any setting or any way to get the same result as in Fedora ?

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Is it OK to remove dnf with yum remove dnf ? will it cause any problems ?

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I'd like to transfer a directory of personal information (not just contacts) from my Fedora-19/KDE laptop
to my Samsung Galaxy S2 android phone. What is the best way currently to do this? Is MTP functional now? I'd prefer if possible to use rsync.

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I have enabled the rpmforge repo to get the flash-plugin because this seems to do what I want instead of the flash-plug that is in the supplemental repo. When the rpmforge pkg is install yum wants to update
it using the redhat repo. The version does not work as the sites I go to says it is too old. Yet the pkg from rpmforge works well.

How do I get yum to *not* want to upgrade this from the RH repo? I checked the yum and yum.conf man pages but I did not see exactly what I want to do there as an option.