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In Css what is the difference between display:inline and display:inline-block?

0 votes

I am new to css. I wonder what is the differences between these two (display:inline vs display:inline-block). please provide any example.

posted Sep 23, 2014 by anonymous

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2 Answers

0 votes

Inline - Default value. Displays an element as an inline element (like <span>)
Inline Block - Displays an element as an inline-level block container. The inside of this block is formatted as block-level box, and the element itself is formatted as an inline-level box

answer Sep 24, 2014 by Sidharth Malhotra
–1 vote

Imagine a <span> element inside a <div>. If you give the <span> element a height of 100px and a red border for example, it will look like this with.

display: inline

display: inline

display: inline-block

display: inline-block

answer Mar 10, 2016 by Ashish Kumar Khanna
You said it will look like this, what is this here ?
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