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How to measure LTE cell availability?

+5 votes

How to measure LTE cell availability? Can anyone tell me raw counters to calculate cell availability for LTE cells in Huawei system? or if any one can explain this ?

posted Sep 22, 2014 by anonymous

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+1 vote

If this is too frequent then it will be a UE performance issue, if it is too long then it will be a problem in HO? how this is decided. I read about RRC events, but those events says threshold and persistence period but how frequently UE should measure ?

+3 votes

How to calculate S-measure in meas config?
From where Enb will get this information and send it to UE as a part of reconfig?
And significance of threshold, hysteresis, offset?

0 votes

while performing handover ue needs to scan neighbour cells for handover ue usually don't have access to all cells to measure(measurement event/report) then how come ue will know which cells it needs to measure?

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