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Registration Failed showing in case of Implementing SipDemo??

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I am trying to learn SIP.I implemented the code from here .Now I needed a sip domain and username for my preferences. So I opened an account here. I got my and username:setu. I gave this in my preferences but it didn't work. It said registration failed.

Why is that? Can anyone help me of getting a valid sip domain and username so that I can work it in my implementation of SipDemo for testing??

posted Sep 20, 2014 by সেতু বসাক

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Your SIP link is not allowing me to create the account and showing the following error when creating looks (May be I need only US contact info)
Zipcode - must be a US zip code or Canadian postal code.
Phone - number must be a 11 digit phone number in the format 1-NXX-NXX-XXXX
State - a state must be a valid two letter state abbreviation.
I was able to get it successfully on

Let me know if anything else is needed
i am working on it.I will let u know.I am in great problem regarding this.I am trying since a week but couldn't run the SIP demo.
I have got a sip account.I gave the preferences in SipDemo.But it is showing that registration is failed.By trying to connect with the server for sometime and then show that registration is failed.Will this sip account will work for me to apply it in android device.Actually i am trying to implement it for android.waiting for your answer??

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I tried to use SIP Demo to make and receive calls. When I try on Emulator, it registers fine and even on mobile also it is registering fine and I can able to see the message "Ready" But It is Not receiving any calls and Can't able to make outgoing calls also.

I downloaded the code from the Link

And it is giving IsAPISupported() false

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In my system application for the latest jeally bean ( 4.3 ), signed with the fitting platform certificate running as android.uid.system. In my manifest, I added the permissions READ_FRAME_BUFFER, ACCESS_SURFACE_FLINGER.

In my app, I'm able to access the SurfaceFlinger service via the ScreenShotClient ( c++ ). Accessing the /dev/graphics/fb0 device directly ( also using native code, c++ ) via open always failed with a permission error.

I wrote an little command line tool, which is able to open the /dev/graphics/fb0. For sure my command line tool is running as root user, and my app is running as system user.

ls -l -a /dev/graphics/fb0 crw-rw---- root graphics 29, 0 2013-09-30 07:31 fb0

For my understanding only the root user, or a member of the graphics group can access the fb0. For my understanding the READ_FRAME_BUFFER permission, is exactly for accessing /dev/graphics/fb? Can someone please give me a hint?

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