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How is radio frame timing determined by sss?

+6 votes
How is radio frame timing determined by sss?
posted Sep 17, 2014 by anonymous

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The question is not very clear to me, can you be more descriptive in the question and like to modify so that it can be responded

PS: A post from register user attracts more attention and no need to pass from moderation from admin. Rest is your wish?
Any update ???

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I know that slot-0 and slot-10 will be having different sequences in case of SSS. I want to know how these different sequences are being used in determining the boundary of the frame?

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I came to know total six subframes of a radio frame can be used for MBSFN transmission. How UE come to know about exact number of sub frames that are being used in a radio frame ? Does the eNodeB send this information to UE or UE itself figure out ?

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