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How MME gets the MAX APN Restriction value in LTE?

+2 votes

Can someone help me to understand the APN and MAX APN restriction working in real scenario. Also wanted to know how does the MME gets the MAX APN Restriction value which it sets in the Create session response during the Attach Procedure.

Does MME gets it from HSS in Update location answer?

posted Sep 13, 2014 by Pardeep Kohli

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+1 vote

eg: if apn is abc.ap1, length of apn IE of create session request should be 7 or 8.?
If it is 8, what will be data type ?
I got little confused after reading specs (3gpp 29.274 clause 8.6 & 23.003 cl. 9.1, RFC 1035 3.3), the APN IE is encoded as one or more labels.

+2 votes

what mme does once mme gets ULA(update location answer ) from HSS with respect to egtpc?
what all scenario are available ?

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